The Devil I Hate


The Devil I Hate

I sold my soul to a heartless devil…

Luca Salvatore is cold and cruel, a bully who haunts my dirty dreams and my nightmares.

Our marriage was arranged before we’d ever met. A fate I had accepted until my brother vanished without a trace.

Luca knows what happened to my brother.

He’s the leader of a secret society called The Devil’s Knights. A billionaire boys’ club for the most entitled monsters on the planet. They’re connected to my brother’s disappearance… and I want revenge.

So when my handsome Devil summons me back to the town I hate as much as him, it’s impossible to resist his call.

I will do anything to get my brother back.
Even if it means playing by Luca’s rules.

And after I tempt him into spilling his secrets, I’m taking my Devil back to Hell where he belongs.


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