The Devil I Desire

The Devil I Desire

  • Our past sins link us, but we have no future…

    One kiss, and I was hooked.
    One night, and I was in love.

    Because until Marcello Salvatore saw me, I was invisible.

    For years, I had a crush on my cousin’s best friend. I dreamed of the day we would finally be together.

    But after Marcello kills a Founder to protect me, I have to run. He sends me away and tells me to never return to Devil’s Creek.

    Too bad my father had other plans for me…

    I’m promised to the son of an Irish Mob boss.
    A sick and twisted monster I hate with a passion.

    Marcello’s world is tainted by blood and corruption. But he’s always been my protector, my white knight.

    And I’m hoping my Knight will step up and save the day.



    A standalone novel set in The Devil's Knights world.

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