Campus Kings Series

Campus Kings Series

They’re the hottest players on campus and have egos the size of their hockey sticks….

Preston Parker is the son of a famous hockey player and the captain of his team. 

He shouldn’t want his coach’s daughter, but he’s never been one to turn down a challenge.  

Tucker and Trent Kane are the sons of a hockey icon and love playing games.

They’re happily screwing their way through the student body…until they meet two feisty women who whip their butts into shape. 

Jamie O’Connor is the grandson of a hockey legend and the son of the hottest man in tech. 

He has the biggest legacy to live up to, but that won’t stop him from following his heart.  

Killian Kade is a poor boy trying to fit in with the elite on campus and hoping to make it to the NHL. 

And when he meets a rich girl who wants to live on the wild side, all of his rules go out the window. 

Drake Donovan is known for his playboy ways and the size of his impressive stick.

But to win the girl of his dreams, he has to make her fall in love with him first.


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